Thursday, 30 August 2012

Iran doubled its underground nuclear capacity, IAEA report says

30. August 2012 - A quarterly report, published by the International Atomic Energy Agency, reported that Iran has doubled the number of uranium enrichment machines. Iran is still not giving in to pressure from the Western world, urging the theocracy to provide the UN with full information about their nuclear programme. Read more.

Prosecutors dismiss criminal complaint against Rabbi Yitshak Ehrenberg

30. August 2012 – After being interviewed by German talk show host, Anne Will, Rabbi Ehrenberg was sued by a viewer for performing circumcision and stating publicly that he won’t stop it. The case was dismissed by a local court in Berlin. Implementing the court decision which was ruled in Cologne, outlawing circumcision, is not planned in Berlin, which is also one of the Federal States in Germany. Read more.

University of California rejects a resolution on anti-Semitism

30. August 2012 – The California State Assembly approved a resolution combatting anti-Semitism on College and University campuses. Universities and Colleges are called on to implement the resolution. The University of California says that they are not planning on adapting it, since it would violate the First Amendment.  Read more. 

Former Christian Dior designer, John Galliano, sues Dior over firing him for anti-Semitic remarks

29. August 2012 – It was reported that Galiano filed an USD 18.7 million lawsuit against Christian Dior for firing him for anti-Semitic comments. Read more. 

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