Thursday, 30 August 2012

Travelling to Israel? Many Western countries warn their citizens 

31. August 2012 – Some western countries warn their citizens from travelling to disputed territories or the border areas. Others warn for bad drivers, crime-ridden places, tab-water and religious extremists. None of the travel alerts mentions the threat coming from Iran. Read more. 

Protesters disrupt Israel’s Batsheva dance troupe at a festival in Scottish Edinburgh 

31. August 2012 – The Festival had to stop three times due to Anti-Israel protesters demonstrating against the Israeli government’s policies concerning Gaza and the West Bank. People demonstrating were shouting slurs such as “Free, Free Palestine” and “Your tickets are covered in Palestinian blood”. Read more.

GasTerm Eesti apologised over Auschwitz gas advert 

30. August 2012 – The Estonian GasTerm Eesti company published earlier last week a photography showing the gates of Auschwitz and advertising their gas and heating services. After several complaints the company removed the photography and officially apologised to the public. Read more.

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