Friday, 14 September 2012

Prof. Richard Dawkins accused by Chief Rabbi for Anti-Semitic remarks 

14. September 2012 - Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Lord Sachs, accused Atheist Professor, Richard Dawkins, of using anti-Semitic phrasing in one of his books, portraying the Jewish God as a fictional villain. Read more. 

Egyptian rioters clashed with local police as Muslim Brotherhood called for a “million-man march” in response over anti-Islam movie 

14. September 2012 – Thousands of people violently protest across the Muslim world as anti-US protest spread. In Sudan demonstrators broke into the German embassy, Egyptian protesters riot on Tahrir Square and in Yemen more than 2,000 protesters tried marching to the US Embassy in Sanaa. Read more. 

Anger at America: Muslim Cleric tears Bible apart

14. September 2012 – During the demonstration in front of the American Embassy in Cairo, September 11th, Abu Islam, a Muslim cleric whose real name is Ahmed Abdullah, tore a Bible. A joyous, celebrating crowd surrounded him. Read more. 

Coptic Christian behind anti-Islam movie, not Jewish Israeli living in the US

14. September 2012 – The man behind the controversial movie was identified by American authorities as a Coptic Christian, who identifies himself as Sam Bacile, an Israeli Jew living in the US. It turned out the filmmaker is the 55 year old Nakoula Basseley originally from Egypt, residing in America. Read more.  

Protesters set fire in Sudan’s German Embassy over anti-Islam movie 

14. September 2012 – Demonstrators broke into the German embassy, raised an Islamic flag and set the entire building on fire.  When protesters forced their way into the embassy, policemen stood by, Reuters witness stated. Read more.

Hungarian anti-Semitic website tied to America 

13. September 2012 – The website, which published and edited anti-Semitic content in Hungary, is registered to Béla Varga, a local of Healdsburg/California. was called “the most active hate group operation in Hungary”. Read more. 

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