Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chief of New York City’s police department warned of possible Iranian terror attacks in New York

11. October 2012 – NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly warned of possible Iranian-sponsored terror attacks against Jewish targets in New York City due to the conflict between Israel and Iran. New York is home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel. Read more. 

Czech Bar Association (CAK) punished lawyer over anti-Semitism

11. October 2012 – Yesterday, October 10th,  the Czech Bar Association (CAK) gave a one-year professional ban to lawyer Petr Koci. Petr Koci has raised a bias objection to a court expert because of his Jewish origin. At that time Koci was representing a member of the far – right Workers’ Party of Social Justice (DSSS), Lucie Slegrova. Read more. 

Over the past year anti-Semitic attacks in France increased 45%

11. October 2012 – In 2012 France is faced with 45% more anti-Semitic attacks than the year before. French statistics show that the incidents increased after the Otzar Hatorah Jewish school in Toulouse got attacked by Mohammed Merah half a year ago. He murdered a rabbi and three children. Read more.

Security increased at French Jewish sites

10. October 2012 – After blank bullets were fired at a synagogue near Paris the government decided to increase security at Jewish sites such as synagogues and Jewish centers. The Chairman of the Board of Jewish Communities in Vald’Oise said in an interview with Le Parisien, that the increase of anti-Semitic attacks are worrisome. Readmore. 

French Jew Serge Haroche is co-recipient of 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics

9. October 2012 – Morroccan-born Serge Haroche, a French – Jewish physicist, is the co-recipient of 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with US-American scientist David Wineland. The 2012 prize went to the scientists “for ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems”. Read more. 

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