Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Colombian President states the world must recognize Israel as a Jewish state

17. October 2012 – Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, states at a ceremony on Tuesday in Bogota, he was bestowed with the Shalom Prize of the World Jewish Congress, that the world has to recognize Israel as the state of Jewish people.  Read more.

Twitter may face legal actions over French anti-Semitic tweets

17. October 2012 – French anti-racism groups states they were looking at all legal options to target the authors of thousands of anti-Semitic and racist posts on social platform Twitter. Read more.

Italian Prime Minister attended for the first time the annual ceremony commemorating the roundup of Rome’s Jews in 1943

17. October 2012 – Mario Monti, Italians Prime Minister, attended as first Prime Minister in the history of Italy the annual ceremony commemorating the roundup up of Jewish people in Rome by Nazi troops on October 16th, 1943. Read more.

Greek Neo- Nazi party, Golden Dawn, on the rise

16. October 2012 – The Greek Golden Dawn party blames immigrants for high unemployment rates in Greece and Jews for the financial crisis. Golden Dawn denies the Holocaust, uses neo-Nazi signs and symbols, i.e. the swastika, and supports fascist ideology. Read more.

21-year-old man who attacked Jewish leader in Budapest sentences to prison

16. October 2012 – The 21 year-old man who attacked 62- year old Jewish leader, Andras Kerenyi, in Budapest was sentenced to two years in prison 11 days after the attack. He was convicted on charges of violence and causing light physical injury to Andras Kerenyi. Read more.

Vienna’s Jewish archives to remain in Israel

16. October 2012 – Austria’s Jewish community legally challenged the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish people in Jerusalem to transfer the archives of Vienna’s Jewry from Israel to Austria. Parts of the Austrian archives were transferred to Israel as a permanent loan in the past. Read more. 

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