Wednesday, 10 October 2012

EU criticizing Turkey for intolerance against non-Muslims

10. October 2012 – The EU has expressed serious concerns about Turkey’s progress in meeting political criteria for full membership in the Union. Non-Muslim religious communities have reported several hate crimes in the past which weren’t punished by the authorities. Read more.

German law will allow practice of circumcision

10. October 2012 – The German cabinet has announced its support for proposals that would allow the practice of circumcision as long as it is carried out by trained experts, and parents are informed about medical risks. Read more.

Slovenia to vote on proposed ban on ritual slaughter

10. October 2012 – Slovenia’s National Assembly is set to vote on a proposed ban on ritual slaughter this week. It wouldn’t be the first country within the EU to restrict/ ban ritual slaughter. Slovenia has a population of two million inhabitants. According to the European Jewish Congress 400 people in Slovenia are Jewish. Read more.

Growing Radicalization of France’s Muslim Youth

9. October 2012 – One man was shot and 12 arrested by the French police over the past weekend in countrywide anti-terrorist raids. Jewish communities in France have been warning the authorities for years about the threat of rising anti-Semitism and radical Islam. Read more.

Hungarian radio station praised attack on Jewish leader

8. October 2012 – A Hungarian nationalist online radio called a recent attack on the leader of the Jewish community in Budapest a “response to general Jewish terrorism”. Read more.

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